with love, from the land of enchantment

donabe asian kitchen sources as ingredients as possible from local new mexico farms & ranches

new mexico ranch land

…such as casa butte ranch corp for delicious yak meat, umami gardens, mendez, & copperpot farms for home-grown veggies, mary’s chicken for (you guessed it!) chicken, and beck & bulbow for wild boar, bison, and other delectable, locally-raised meats.

read on to learn more about all of donabe’s organic, local farm partners, and our house chef, marshall’s favorite way to enjoy everything.

beck & bulow

beck & bulbow

beck & bulow offers 100% grass fed buffalo, elk, wild boar, beef, lamb and chicken directly from ranch to restaurant, along with the best online meat delivery service across the United States.

they provide donabe with bison meat and wild boar ribs (yum!), and marshall’s favorite dish to make from their cuts is his taiwanese bison osso buco. the dish is a hearty braised bison shank stew with dates and seasonal mushrooms (picked locally whenever possible!). it’s a surprising, savory, slightly sweet, and somewhat spicy twist on traditional italian osso buco.

select pairing: argyle pinot noir [include bottle price]

copperpot farms

copperpot farms

copperpot farms has been providing the taos community with fresh, organic, local produce since 2012. for donabe, they seasonally supply our napa cabbage, greens, basil, daikon radish, and cucumber. they’re to blame for the house pickles found on the bahn mi – marshall’s favorite sandwich on the menu. think traditional bahn mi meets hot pressed panini on our house made baguette. there’s nothing like the bright flavors of all-organic veggies, etc. with freshly baked warm bread. pair the bahn mi with a chilled kirin and an order of the sweet & sour sambal fries. yum!

talus wind ranch

talus wind ranch

talus ranch is committed to sustainability through the practice of traceability, transparency, collaboration, and connoisseurship. they (and we!) believe in a visible path of origin for the meat we consume, knowing how our meat product lived its life, working with new mexico ranchers to improve rural economic development, and curating the best flavor for the *most* discerning taste buds. it’s no wonder we chose them for our pork belly, pork loin, and the chashu found in marshall’s legendary ramen.

donabe’s ramen is like mom’s chicken soup on steroids (but with pork that melts in your mouth). marshall’s favorite touches are the colored baby carrots and signature carrot top pesto garnish. it’s a fresh, bright asian twist on an herbal comfort favorite.

recommended pairing: nigori sake

person showing roots of a plant

mendez farms & umami gardens

these folks can be thanked seasonally for our carrots & squash, and the tomatoes, greens, and pea shoots, found in the donabe pho. donabe features a deluxe pho garnish, boasting enoki mushrooms, a cabbage mix (both napa and red), radish, carrot, cilantro, basil, mint, scallion and jalapeno – least to say, it’s far from boring. marshall enjoys his with the sake mojito for a light, bright & flavorful happy hour.

mary’s chicken

mary’s is proud to be family owned and operated since 1954. mary’s sons, david & ben are third-generation pitman farmers who lead the company today. committed to animal welfare, mary’s is actively engaged in improving the lives of birds from beginning to end. we have them to thank for the chicken in the red curry – filled with 30 different ingredients and spices and packed with antioxidants like flax and chia. marshall enjoys his curry paired with either the evodia old vine garnacha or butter chardonay.

…and last but not least,

wagyu sashimi

taos wagyu

yep, you read that right: wagyu beef from right here in taos. a rare and special delicacy that marshall likes to turn into to-die-for wagyu sashimi. local microgreens with a little tamari, sesame oil and wasabi caviar surround this 10 month aged, super tender beef that just melts… you’ll see it on the specials whenever marshall can get it from jason at taos wagyu, and if you do, don’t pass it up.

pair it with the junmai ginjo sake for a dish that is out of this world 😱 .

donabe asian kitchen